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Scale-Free Thinking January 3, 2009

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In the Mandara Mountains of northern Cameroon live the Mofu, ethnic tribes whose culture is based on a reverence for social insects. Their favorite is a breed of ferocious red ant known to them as jaglavak. There are many other species too: ndroa, mananeh and ndakkol. These names all have one thing in common: they are both plural and singular. Jaklavak refers equally to one ant, a colony of ants, or all the ants in the world.



Fearing Digital Literacy September 8, 2008

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The July/August 2008 edition of the Atlantic magazine featured a very provocative cover story. Using the infamous colour scheme of the world’s most popular search engine, the headline asks: Is Google Making Us Stoopid? The article, written by IT pundit Nicholas Carr, argues that yes, in a sense, the Internet is making us stupid. The truth is, he’s just plain scared.


Kevin Kelly “Really Likes” the Term Connective March 17, 2008

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icon_ones.jpgAs this is my first post, I feel I should write about how Kevin Kelly, author, pundit and Wired magazine’s first Executive Editor, took some time out of his busy schedule to make this blog.

It all started back in 1993.