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My name is Eyal Sivan. I am a Business Analyst & Integration Architect working in Toronto, Canada.

In 1994 I started a Web application development firm called Eldan Software. I spent the initial years running my own company like so many of my compatriots: in a basement, learning about Unix, Web Servers & HTML.

As the company grew out of the basement and into an office, we took on a variety of projects across a broad range of vertical markets. Eldan provided Web-based solutions to many distinguished clients, including Ernst & Young, Rogers, Alcan and American Express.

During my tenure running the company, I had the opportunity to speak at several conferences and trade shows about how the Internet was evolving, and what these changes meant for businesses. At one of these conferences, I chose to speak about how the Internet was changing more than just the world of business, and the Connective was born.

After the tech-bubble burst, the market for custom Internet applications rapidly deteriorated. Eldan Software was forced to cease operations in 2002. I then entered the working world as a Business Analyst & Information Architect, with a focus on Enterprise Integration and Service-Oriented Architecture. Since then I have held several positions with large financial corporations, the most recent being a major Canadian bank, where I have been serving as a Senior Solutions Architect since 2004.

I am not an academic or a professional writer, just someone who finds this to be a fascinating and important subject.


To contact me directly, feel free to send me an email at:


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